"If you are who God made you to be

you'd set the WORLD ABLAZE!"

-St.Catherine of Siena


We Are World Ablaze

"Made for More"

God does not make mistakes and each of us were designed for GREATNESS! World Ablaze exists to help bring that divine truth to reality in your life and light a fire in your heart for Christ and His Bride the Church.

Our History

The Call

World Ablaze was born from a call to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to spread His Gospel message of love and truth. The founding members fell in love with Christ and the Church and hope to enkindle hearts to do the same. 
World Ablaze was incorporated on April 29th of 2016 as a faith based 501c3 non-profit organization.

Our Mission

The Great Commission

We seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ through our dedication to evangelization, faith formation, and facilitation of encounters with Christ and His Church, thus transforming the lives and communities of which we serve.

Our Patroness


With two of the founding members life professed members of the Third Order of the Dominicans (Order of Preachers), the apostolate has taken St. Catherine of Siena (the 14th Century Saint and Doctor of the Church) as their patroness and primary intercessor.

What We Do

God's Work 

With over 50 + years of service to the Church (parish and diocesan), World Ablaze seeks to make disciples through our work in faith formation and evangelization with a focus on the Domestic Church. This happens primarily through conferences, workshop, retreats, curriculum and digital media offered by the apostolate.

How We Set the World Ablaze

We are engaged in the Work of God and seek always to do His will. 

  • Conferences

    We hold both live and virtual conferences to help spiritually feed those we serve both in our communities and globally through the digital world. 

  • Workshops

    We are developing workshops that intend to assist participants with development and growth in a variety of areas. 

  • Blog

    Our team offers insights and encouragement through our newsletters and blog. 

  • Podcasts

    We have produced 5 different podcasts that help the faithful navigate through faith, life, marriage, family and relationships and everything in between.

  • Retreats

    We are developing several retreats that focus on spirituality for men, women, young adults, married couples and families. 

  • Discipleship Training

    We are working on developing discipleship training to assist with those who take the Great Commission seriously. 

  • Webinars

    Join us for periodic webinars intended to form the faithful on a variety of topics involving faith and life. 

  • Resources

    Our team is in the process of developing curriculum to help with formation, preparation and enrichment for individuals and families. 

  • Evangelization

    With a mission to evangelize all nations, our team is continuously finding ways to bring the Gospel to the world. 


What people are saying about World Ablaze events or content. 


Conference Attendee

"The conference was so satisfying and exactly what I need to reignite my faith!"


Wife of Attendee

"My husband was so inspired he decided to volunteer more and deleted all of his apps that take time away from God! Keep doing what you're doing one man at a time!"


Podcast Listener

This was amazing thank you both!! Just watched this with my boyfriend, definitely A TON of good discussion points!!

If you are who God made you to be you'd set the World Ablaze!"

St. Catherine of Siena


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